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South Korean Regime Accused of Provoking DPRK
Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea gave the following answer to a question put by the KCNA as regards the scheme of the south Korean regime to put its provocation attempt into practice by irritating the DPRK with militant actions almost every day.

The puppet regime infiltrated its warships deep into the territorial waters of the DPRK southwest of Yonphyong Islands and fired bullets and shells at civilian fishing boats of a foreign country. Following this grave military provocation, it has resorted to war-like actions, seriously irritating the DPRK.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak said at an urgent meeting of the ministers in charge of foreign affairs and security on Sept. 26 that south Korea should strictly cope with the north's politically-motivated and planned provocation, while getting it ready for the forthcoming election.

Jong Sung Jo, chairman of the south Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, toured the 7th division and 2nd corps of the army in the forefront on Sept. 28. He said there may be enemy provocation at any time and called for immediately and resolutely countering the provocation, regarding it as an opportunity.

Kim Kwan Jin, minister of Defense, appeared at the 2nd Fleet Command of the navy where he called for keeping fully prepared while let loose a spate of invectives about the north's possible provocation by way of trumpeting in the east and attacking in the west.

The warmongers reinforced five islands in the West Sea of Korea and their surrounding waters with troops, artillery pieces, various types of missiles, fighters and warships and made a fuss as if something serious had happened.

The Lee group made such reckless remarks as "threat from the north" and "sign of provocation" even at UN session and made vain efforts to build up public opinion over "north wind" as evidenced by its anti-DPRK confab with its U.S. master.

In step with this, the ultra conservative media, philistine and human scum are busy spreading the "rumor of the north's intervention in the presidential election". They are alleging that the north is creating instability ahead of the presidential election in south Korea and that there is possibility of additional provocation.

Those bellicose remarks and frantic anti-DPRK racket are intentional and planned provocation aimed to orchestrate a shocking incident like military conflict by getting on the nerves of the DPRK to the extremes in a bid to get rid of the ruin and turn the table in favor of the conservative forces' stay in power.

Historically, the south Korean puppets have tried to find a way out in fabricating a groundless story about the "north wind" whenever they faced major political momentum and ruling crisis.

In June 2010 they cooked up the hideous farce of "Cheonan" warship sinking incident for their vicious purposes to calm down the anger of the people at the "government" before the local election and secure the ruling stability with smooth election.

Afterwards, the bold measure of the DPRK for improving the inter-Korean relations created big splashes in the south Korean public and the atmosphere of the movement against the confrontation policy mounted. But the warmongers hatched a military conflict like Yonphyong Islands shelling case and it resulted in chilling the hard-won atmosphere of improving the north-south relations.

The south Korean war maniacs reinforced troops as never before in the biggest hotspots of the West Sea and cried out for "getting fully prepared", while crisscrossing the forefront areas. But their intention is nothing new.

Nobody would be deceived by their reckless remarks such as the "north's intervention in the presidential election" and "instability".

People are now sick of their old stereotyped trick.

The people inside and outside Korea clearly see who is the real provocateur and from where the danger of war comes through the military provocations of south Korea.

The hackneyed and threadbare "rumor of threat from the north" would arouse the public resentment against the group of traitors of south Korea and hasten its ruin.

The group should not run reckless, being aware that it will have to pay dearly for its provocation.

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