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Kim Jong Suk's Life Lauded by Foreign Organizations
Pyongyang, October 2 (KCNA) -- A Brazilian organization and a regional body posted special write-ups on their Internet websites on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the passing of Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese war hero.

The Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK posted on Sept. 21 an article praising her exploits illustrated with her photo on its Internet homepage.

The article said under the title of "Kim Jong Suk's glorious life" that she protected President Kim Il Sung at the risk of her life in every battlefield of the anti-Japanese war including the battle in Dashahe gully in Antu County.

It went on:

Kim Jong Suk's life was a genuine patriot.

Born in a patriotic family, she experienced bitter sorrow over being a member of the stateless nation and participated in the sacred war for the liberation of the country in her early years.

She performed heroic feats with outstanding military wisdom and stratagem, matchless grit and bravery and mysterious marksmanship during the period of the hard-fought anti-Japanese war.

Kim Jong Suk trained guerrillas as fighters possessed of ardent love for the country and its people and indomitable faith and will by setting a practical example at all times.

She visited different parts of the country after the liberation of Korea, powerfully arousing the people to the building of a new country.

She made a great contribution to developing the Korean People's Revolutionary Army into the regular Korean People's Army and firmly consolidating the military foundation for building a new country.

Her noble life dedicated to the liberation of the country and the building of a new country will shine forever with the eternally prospering DPRK.

The International Alliance of Societies for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Policy in East European and Central Asian Regions on Sept. 22 posted an article titled "Kim Jong Suk always remembered by the world people" accompanied with a photo of the woman commander of Mt. Paektu.

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