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Korean in U.S. Refers to True Meaning of Kim Jong Il's Patriotism
Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) -- Kim Hyon Hwan, director of the Institute of Independent Ideology in the U.S., posted on his Internet homepage an article titled "True meaning of Kim Jong Il's patriotism".

The article recalled that the dear respected Kim Jong Un published a famous work "Let Us Effect Kim Jong Il's Patriotism and Step Up the Building of a Prosperous Country".

It praised leader Kim Jong Il as a peerless patriot who ardently loved the country and its people and performed undying feats which would always go down in the history of Korea by devoting all his life to achieving the prosperity of the country and its people's happiness.

First Chairman of the National Defence Commission Kim Jong Un said that Kim Jong Il's love for the socialist country and its people and his total dedication to the prosperity of the country and its people's happiness were prompted by his absolute trust in his people and his unshakable faith in the validity of the socialist system and the victory of the socialist cause, the article noted.

Kim Jong Il's warm love and devotion for the country and its people also stemmed from his noblest mission, it said, adding that he could make so hard Songun journeys for patriotic devotion with a do-or-die will as he was deeply aware of noble awareness and mission that he was responsible for the destiny of the people whom President Kim Il Sung entrusted to him before his passing.

Kim Jong Il's patriotism is the acme of socialist patriotism, it said, adding:

Kim Jong Un said that Kim Jong Il's patriotism would serve as precious ideological and spiritual pabulum indispensable for all people who love the country and its people, a powerful motive force giving courage and vitality to all those who struggle for the country and its people, a bright beacon helping bring them up to be patriots generation after generation and a compass in struggle and life.

He expects all party members, service personnel of the People's Army and people to breathe the same breath and keep pace on the road of patriotic devotion taken by Kim Jong Il, dedicating himself to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of posterity with deep trust and loving care for the country and its people and the younger generation.

He also hopes that they would neither just shout slogans of Kim Jong Il's patriotism nor consider it as a banner but learn from the noble example of patriotism set by Kim Jong Il and thoroughly embody it in their practical activities for building a rich and powerful country,

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