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DPRK People Inspired by Kim Jong Un's Speech in Cause of National Reunification
Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) -- The speech, delivered by Marshal Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, at a banquet given in celebration of August 25, the anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's start of Songun (military-first) revolutionary leadership, instills into the minds of the DPRK people the conviction of victory in a sacred war for national reunification.

Kim Jong Un in the speech declared the stand towards the war drills launched by the U.S. and south Korea puppet regime against the DPRK, saying:

"'Counter a provocation with a prompt counterattack and a war of aggression with a great, just war for national reunification!' This is our principled stand and steadfast will."

Choe Tu Song, a workshop head of the Chollima Steel Complex, told KCNA:

"The dear respected Kim Jong Un's speech makes us cherish firm conviction of victory in a possible war against the U.S. and south Korean warmongers.

We, workers, will never remain an onlooker to the frantic moves of the U.S. forces and the rat-like Lee Myung Bak group hell-bent on war drills against the DPRK."

Pak Myong Chol, a student at Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering, said:

"I felt refreshed, listening to Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un's speech.

Once he issues an order for charge, I will join before anybody else in a sacred war for national reunification."

Hwang Kwang Nam, a section chief of the Pyongyang City Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea, said:

"The U.S. imperialists have mobilized even its allied forces in the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises under way in south Korea, targeted against the DPRK. They and the south Korean puppet regime are the very one that threatens peace on the Korean peninsula.

There is a limit to our patience.

We will mercilessly wipe out the U.S. aggression forces on this land and achieve national reunification without fail."

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