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Sports Contest for Jongilbong Prize Closes
Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) -- The 38th National Sports Contest of School Youth and Children for Jongilbong Prize was closed with due ceremony in Jongju City, North Phyongan Province on Friday.

The contest was held, divided into groups of secondary and primary schools. School youth and children gained good successes by displaying high technique they have trained through extracurricular sports activities.

Boys of Pyongyang Ryongwang Secondary School and girls of Yongung Sinchang Secondary School in Pukchong County of South Hamgyong Province placed first in the national defence sports games while boys of Pyongyang Changjon Secondary School and girls of Pyongyang Phyongchon Secondary School in the volleyball matches. Boys of Pyongyang June 9 Ryongbuk Secondary School and girls of Pyongyang Kwangbok Secondary School came first in table tennis matches while Yongung Sinam Secondary School in Ryongchon County of North Phyongan Province proved successful in Korean wrestling games.

Boys of Pyongyang Chungsong Primary School and girls of Kyongam Primary School of Sariwon City of North Hwanghae Province came first in the table tennis matches.

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