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KCU Delegates Leave Pyongyang by Air
Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- Delegates of the Korean Children's Union (KCU) from Ryanggang and North Hamgyong provinces and Rason Municipality left Pyongyang by air after attending the celebrations of the 66th KCU anniversary.

Before their departure, delegates expressed their firm resolve, recalling the happy days of the celebrations.

Pak Chol Hyok, a student from Samjiyon Secondary School in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province, told KCNA: "I'll never forget the days I spent in Pyongyang. Keeping this delegate certificate of love and trust in my mind forever, I will prepare myself as a

reliable pillar of the country through intensified study and organizational life and do-good-thing movement."

Choe Song Ju, a student from Rabukchon Secondary School in Chongjin City, North Hamgyong Province, said: "I will become a true juvenile revolutionary in the era of Songun, fluttering the KCU red necktie inherited from the Anti-Japanese Children's

Corps, to repay the dear respected Kim Jong Un's warm love."

Hong Hyon Hwa, a student from Tongmyong Secondary School in Rason City, said: "My parents will embrace me with tears of joy in their eyes.

True to the teachings of the dear respected Kim Jong Un that the features of thriving Korea in the future would be drawn on report cards of the KCU members before anything else, I'll study hard and hard to be a good inventor and scientist.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un, thank you very much."

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