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Seminar on Kim Jong Il's Work Held in Mongolia
Pyongyang, June 7 (KCNA) -- A seminar on leader Kim Jong Il's work "On the Juche Idea" took place at "Gor King-Erdene" Institute of Teachers of Mongolia on May 30.

Present at the seminar were members of the Mongolian People's Party, the Mongolian Mt. Paektu Association for Independent Development and "Gor King-Erdene" Institute of Teachers and other people.

A briefing on the main content of the work was made to be followed by speeches.

The speakers referred to the significance of holding the seminar on the work of Kim Jong Il on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of his start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

They stressed that the work, published by supreme leader Kim Jong Un on April 6, reflected his noble intention to hold President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem for all ages.

They went on:

The Fourth Conference of the WPK decided to hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as eternal general secretary of the WPK in reflection of the general will of all party members, servicepersons and people.

The centenary of President Kim Il Sung's birth was celebrated in the DPRK and various other parts of the world with splendor. The celebrations of the 100th Day of the Sun clearly showed that the DPRK is a political, ideological and military power.

Organizations for the study of the Juche idea were formed in many countries of the world and the work for studying and disseminating the Juche idea is getting more brisk as the days go by.

A message to Kim Jong Un was adopted at the seminar.

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