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CPRK Slams Crackdown upon Progressive Party
Pyongyang, May 31 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak conservative group of south Korea is working hard to prevent the lawmakers from the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) from advancing into the "National Assembly" (NA), labeling them "pro-north leftists" and "communists following the Juche idea."

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea observed in its information bulletin No. 999 issued Thursday in this regard:

The madcap smear campaign kicked off by the puppet conservative group is nothing but a "witch hunt" of modern version and sordid fascist politically-motivated terrorism perpetrated by the pro-U.S. conservative forces to stay in power.

Many members of the UPP and other progressive forces were elected members of the NA in April, something unprecedented in history. This is a heavy blow at the conservative group including the "Saenuri Party" which faked up at random the pro-U.S. sycophantic and fascist unpopular laws while going unchallenged at the NA after occupying its majority seats, the bulletin noted, and went on:

The conservative group feels a serious crisis that if the progressive forces occupy the NA, this may arrest its moves for confrontation and war and remarkably increase the atmosphere for reunification through alliance with the north to create the situation unfavorable for keeping its puppet ruling system and seizing the power again.

The puppet group is deeply interfering into the incident of the UPP and resorting to all intrigues to annihilate the progressive forces and, at the same time, trying to deliberately bar them from advancing into the NA.

The conservative puppet group is making desperate efforts to create a situation favorable for the conservative forces' stay in power before the "presidential election" this year, availing themselves of this opportunity, by stifling progressive forces and blocking the solidarity among the opposition parties.

It is nonsensical that the puppet group is branding persons of progressive forces as "red men", insisting that they had "contact with the north" and "received the north's instruction".

The puppet group's fascist suppression is a most base politically-motivated killing, unprecedented in the world.

It is none other than such pro-U.S. lackeys, anti-reunification confrontation maniacs, fascists and chief culprits of scandals as the group of the "Saenuri Party" that should be eliminated from the NA.

The people from all walks of life in south Korea should heighten vigilance against the puppet conservative group's intrigues and fascist repression of the progressive forces, strongly oppose and denounce them, check and frustrate its attempt to stay in power and certainly bring about a new politics and new world with their concerted efforts.

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