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DUP Criticizes Conservative Group for Its Greed for Power
Pyongyang, May 31 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Democratic United Party of south Korea (DUP), an opposition party, called a press conference at the "National Assembly" building on May 29 to denounce the conservative group greedy for power.

Recalling that the "Saenuri Party" led by Park Geun Hye laid its foundation with the forces praising the military coup staged by Park Chung-Hee, the spokesman said:

All those involved in it are the guys who glutted themselves and dressed gaudily by dint of power in the period of military dictatorial regime. Their return to power would be another tragedy, political tragedy.

It is the people's thought that unfortunate past should not be made to repeat, the spokesman noted, calling for not allowing those praising dictatorship to take power.

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