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KCNA Ridicules Lee Myung Bak's Much Ado about "Forces Following North"
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak chiefly to blame for concocting the story about "forces following the north" made public appearance to raise a hue and cry over it, not content with the ruckus kicked up by his yes men.

Lee in his appearance over a broadcasting service on Monday blustered that there should be a change in the "attitude of those who blindly sympathize with the assertion of the north including that over the 'Cheonan' warship case."

At a time when rat-like gangsters are going reckless with the smear campaign over "forces following the north," even their boss came out to cry out for a switchover in the attitude of "forces following the north." Why?

The story about "forces following the north" is a version of the "theory of coloring" crafted by the conservative forces in south Korea to crack down upon the progressive pro-reform forces by branding them as "pro-north leftist elements."

The story spread by the Lee group is nothing but a stratagem to turn the political situation ahead of the "presidential election" favorable to it as its ulterior motive is very clear.

It is the Lee's group that used to libel its political rivals "forces following the north" with each election as an occasion.

During the 2010 elections to local self-governing bodies and the subsequent by-elections, the group branded as "forces following the north" the progressive forces that demanded a probe into the warship sinking case and stop to confrontation with fellow countrymen.

A politician who ran for the governor of south Korean Kangwon Province on the ticket of the Democratic Party was branded as a "pro-north leftist" for the mere reason that he made a speech denying the story that "'Cheonan' was sunk by the north's explosion".

Finding itself on the verge of ruin, forsaken by the public for its domestic and foreign policy failures, the Lee group orchestrated a shocking farce about "forces following the north" in a bid to turn the political situation before the "presidential election" favorable to it and thus prolong its remaining days.

Not content with labeling progressive organizations and figures "forces following the north" and "leftist forces," the Lee group went the lengths of branding even candidates from opposition parties as "members of the leftist group directly linked to the north".

This is no more than the last-ditch efforts to foil "the call for judging the regime" made by people of different social standings and the forces demanding democracy and reforms.

The Lee group is making desperate efforts to weather its crisis, again spreading the story. But history has already meted out a judgment to it.

The nation will never pardon the regime of traitors as it most seriously deteriorated the economy and people's livelihood after reviving the fascist dictatorship and brought the once favorably developed inter-Korean relations to a total collapse in four years of its office. One's evil doings would rebound on himself.

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