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Kim Jong Il's Exploits in Building Revolutionary Party Praised
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a bylined article praises the undying feats leader Kim Jong Il performed by developing the Workers' Party of Korea into the organizer and guide of all victories of our people.

The article says:

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into the invincible party glorifying with the august name of the leader and his revolutionary idea and demonstrating its might with single-minded unity and Songun politics for decades.

The precious exploits of Kim Jong Il in the history of building the revolutionary party of Juche type is that he developed the WPK into the revolutionary party which established an ideological system of the leader and his leadership system, the mother party serving the people which formed a harmonious whole with the masses and an invincible party with steel-like disciplines and militancy.

The whole party has strictly abided by the principles in establishing the party's monolithic ideological system laid down by Kim Jong Il generation after generation. As a result, the WPK has been equipped with the monolithic ideology of the leader and become a strong political organization which acts as one under the monolithic leadership of the leader.

Thanks to his wise leadership, the WPK could strike deep roots among broad popular masses and demonstrate its dignity as a revolutionary party with blood ties with the people and a mother party taking care of the people's destiny and future to the last.

The revolutionary trait of fully implementing the line and policies laid down by the leader have been established among all party organizations and party members and the party has achieved perfect unity in thinking and action.

The WPK will always exalt its dignity and honor as the glorious party guided by Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, taking the exploits of Kim Jong Il in party building as guidelines.

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