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Slogan Vibrant with Kim Jong Il's Patriotism
Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The slogan "Let us live not merely for today but for tomorrow!" has swept across the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

It is what leader Kim Jong Il put forth in the period of the Arduous March, in order to implant the revolutionary outlook on life in the minds of all the Korean people.

The slogan reflects the idea that one should devotedly work for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of posterity.

In the efforts to materialize Kim Jong Il's lifelong desire, the Korean people are holding fast to this slogan, arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder with the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

They have been making a bigger stride forward for the final victory under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, aware of the truth that they are able to enjoy happiness in the near future as they are guided by him.

The slogan has encouraged the people to register enormous achievements in all fields.

In a few years, lots of monumental edifices have come into being throughout the country. Typical of them are Huichon Power Station Nos. 1 and 2, the Nampho-Pyongyang seawater pipeline, the Tanchon Port on the eastern coast, and the People's Theater in Pyongyang. The Military Hardware Exhibition House of the Korean People's Army was built in Pyongyang, as a representation of the nation's powerful defence capabilities.

The country will soon witness the completion of the projects for high-rise apartment buildings in Mansudae area, Rungna Pleasure Ground, Pyongyang Folk Park and greenhouses of the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute and the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute and renovation of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education.

Meanwhile, newly-built Mansugyo Meat and Fish Shop, Sinhung Restaurant and Kangsong Health Complex have been contributing to bettering the wellbeing of the people's livelihood.

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