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Lee Myung Bak Group's attempt to Conclude Military Agreements with Japan under Fire
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea made public a statement on Friday slamming the south Korean puppet group for frantically pushing forward its moves to conclude a pact on the protection of defense secrets and an Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement with the Japanese reactionaries these days.

The statement says:

The above-said moves are grave military provocations to the DPRK and hideous criminal acts of blatantly challenging the world trend towards peace as they are dangerous military moves to tighten the military collusion with Japan in its efforts to realize the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" and zealously follow the U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy.

The Lee Myung Bak group's desperate efforts to conclude the treacherous military agreements at any cost clearly indicate what phase its confrontation hysteria as a colonial servant has reached to stand in confrontation with the DPRK to the last, backed by Japan as well as by the U.S.

The National Peace Committee of Korea bitterly denounces the Lee Myung Bak group in the name of the entire nation and the peace-loving people of the world, branding its moves as unpardonable treacherous acts of paving the way for the Japanese militarists' reinvasion after covering up the past crimes of Japan and extremely reckless military act of straining the regional tension by hastening the moves for knocking into shape the U.S.-led triangular military alliance.

Intolerable are the Lee group's moves to do harm to the fellow countrymen by bringing Japan, the sworn enemy, into south Korea and turn Asia into a theatre of competition among big powers for domination like that in the early period of the last century.

The Lee group is going to offer the U.S. and Japan south Korea as outposts for their nuclear war by concluding the above-said agreements with Japan which even the preceding fascist dictators dared not venture. The Lee group is the worst pro-U.S. and pro-Japanese traitors putting "the five traitors of 1905" into the shade and the enemy of the nation as it stoops to any treachery to do harm to the fellow countrymen.

All the Asians including the Koreans can never escape a nuclear war disaster as long as the Lee group is allowed to be at large.

Thrice-cursed traitor Lee Myung Bak is bound to meet a miserable end in face of all compatriots' rebuff and condemnation as he has been hell-bent on despicable sycophancy and treachery to serve the U.S. and Japan since the very day of his seizure of power.

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