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KCNA Commentary Terms Lee Myung Bak Modern Day Traitor of 1905
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak who was born to be a pro-Japanese is sticking to the pro-Japanese line before his death.

It was reported that he would dispatch Kim Kwan Jin, puppet minister of Defense, to Japan so that he might meet his Japanese counterpart to conclude a pact on the protection of defense secrets and "Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement" with Japan late this month.

It is said that the two militaries are under final negotiations on these issues.

The conclusion of the military agreements between south Korea and Japan under the pretext of "cooperation" in military actions such as joint military drills and "UN peace-keeping activities" are, in essence, aimed at rounding off the triangular military alliance involving the U.S., Japan and south Korea.

One may say that the military nexus between Lee's masters the U.S. and Japan and the U.S. and south Korea has been shaped in a vertical form due to the socio-historical, politico-economic relations in the post-war period.

The signing of a military agreement between south Korea and Japan has so far been shelved due to the strong protest and vigilance of the international community including the Asian people against Japan. If the triangular military alliance is concluded, it will mean an emergence of the above-said military alliance perfected in military and legal terms.

As already mentioned, the appearance of the triangular military alliance is little short of a dangerous military adventure bringing the dark clouds of the era of a new cold war and a new world war to hang over Northeast Asia including the Korean Peninsula as it is an appearance of NATO of Asian-version, pursuant to the U.S. Asia strategy.

As a matter of fact, the U.S. decided to start the first tripartite joint military drill depending on the conclusion of this military agreement under the pretext of coping with increasing "military threat" and "provocation" from someone and consult the issue at the 11th Asian Security Dialogue to be held in Singapore in coming June.

What matters is that the rat-like traitor Lee opted to conclude the military agreements which even by the successive rulers of south Korea hesitated to do so though they were pro-U.S. and pro-Japanese, too.

What is more intolerable is that he made such decision at a time when the Japanese reactionaries are getting undisguised in their ambition for territorial expansion and, consequently, the anti-Japanese sentiment of the Korean nation and other Asian peoples is mounting as the days go by.

Lee is steeped in pro-Japanese tendency that he seems to have decided not to remain part of the Korean nation.

Since he came to power, Lee has been keen on disgraceful acts of serving Japan, talking about "future-oriented relations, not asking about the past" and "a new era of cooperation".

With his office drawing to a close, he is busy advertising "Japan's role" and creating conditions for the conclusion of military agreements with Japan, asserting that it recognized Japan as the "country which assisted" it and the like.

He is working hard to create an atmosphere of extreme confrontation on the Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity under the pretext of "military threat" from someone and "joint counteraction" in a bid to calm down the anti-Japanese spirit of the Korean people and other Asians and pave the way for the Japanese reactionaries' reinvasion of Korea.

His intention is to remain a pro-Japanese element till his death.

For this reason, people from all walks of life and public in south Korea brand the group of rat-like Myung Bak as traitors worse than "the five traitors of 1905."

As proved by history, heinous Lee Myung Bak is bound to meet the most miserable end.

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