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Slogan Contains Kim Jong Un's Outlook on People
Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- Slogan "Let us do more good things for people!" is now heard everywhere in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

This slogan reflects the dear respected Kim Jong Un's noble intention and strong demand that warmer and more cordial care be shown for the popular masses when they are in hard time, top priority given to ensuring their interests and convenience and the best things provided to them.

The deep affection for the people, greatest importance to their interests and absolute worship for their strength are his natural disposition.

From the days when he started his guidance over the Korean People's Army, he has made all affairs of the army serve for the soldiers and people.

Saying that true patriotism is to do good things for the people, he would be very pleased to hear any report that the army helped civilians much.

The service personnel are now doing good things for the people one after another on a large scale and at one go under the slogan of love for the people.

An atmosphere of giving top priority to the people's interests and wellbeing and regarding it as absolute has pervaded the whole society while an all-party and nationwide drive to do more good things for the people is dynamically being conducted.

In the trying period of national mourning or in the present onward march, the Korean people have venerated Kim Jong Un, who has the unshakable faith that the people represents justice and strength as well as the warmest love for them, calling him their father.

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