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Kim Jong Un on Achievements in Land Management
Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- The dear respected Kim Jong Un in his work "On Effecting a Drastic Turn in Land Management to Meet the Requirements for Building a Thriving Socialist Nation" referred to the shining achievements made in the land management in the past.

President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il paid deep attention to the land management and worked heart and soul to make the country more beautiful all their lives, Kim Jong Un said, and went on:

Right after the country's liberation the President was the first to break the ground to start the improvement project of the River Pothong and planted trees on Munsu Hill. He unfolded a far-reaching plan of land construction and led the struggle for realizing it.

Kim Jong Il, true to the noble intention of the President, clearly indicated the orientation and ways for land construction, saying that land management is a patriotic work for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the generations to come. He initiated a general mobilization movement for land management so that the whole party, the whole country and all the people could actively take part in it and energetically led the movement.

Under his wise guidance and deep care, a large number of grand edifices of eternal value have been built in various parts of the country and streets and villages have turned into a socialist land of bliss.

Fields across the country have been realigned as large standardized ones to suit the land of socialist Korea and a vast area of tideland has turned into fertile soil.

A solid material and technological foundation has been laid for turning the whole country into thick woodland and greenery and lots of beauty spots and places of scenic interest have turned into recreation grounds for the people including Mt. Kuwol, Mt. Chilbo, Ryongmun Cavern and Songam Cave.

Rivers and streams have been improved, Youth Hero Motorway, Pukchong-Hyesan road and lots of other new roads were built, giving a face-lift to the land of the country.

The undying feats performed by Kim Jong Il in land management to lay a basic foundation for turning the country into a thriving nation, beautiful and good for the people to live in, will shine forever along with the history of the prospering socialist country, Kim Jong Un stressed.

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