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KCNA Commentary on Japan's Moves to Repeat History of Aggression
Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- Japan's moves to grab Tok Islets have become graver than ever before.

It was openly claimed that the islets belong to Japan at a recent meeting openly held in Tokyo with the attendance of vice-minister level officials including the vice-minister of Foreign Affairs and the assistant to the prime minister and nearly 50 Dietmen.

Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Yamaguchi said that "there is no change in the fact that Takeshima belongs to the Japanese territory", pledging to "settle the issue with tenacity as the issue is difficult to settle at a breath."

This is the first time that the Japanese government allowed high-level officials' participation in events related to Tok Islets.

This proves that Japan's moves to grab the islets have reached an extremely reckless phase.

Japan's territorial claim to Tok Islets has long been made by the government in a planned manner, going beyond local and non-governmental level.

Farces for the seizure of the islets were openly staged in Tokyo though they were used to be held inside Shimane Prefecture by ultra-right wing organizations.

The "diplomatic blue book" for 2012 made public in Japan shortly ago reaffirmed the government consistent stand that Tok Islets are Japan's.

Textbooks with the islets marked as the Japanese territory are in wide use at higher schools in Japan. The number of the kinds of such textbooks increased to 21 from previous 18, typically history and social science books which passed through the examination by the government authorities this year.

Japanese politicians are taking the lead in inciting the atmosphere for grabbing the islets and deliberately sparking diplomatic disputes over the issue. This can never be pardoned as it is a brigandish act to make the history of aggression repeat itself.

Tok Islets are part of the inviolable territory of the Korean nation. This was clearly proved long ago by historical facts and on the basis of geographical and legal grounds. Historical data proving it have so far been discovered in Japan and different countries of the world.

War criminal state Japan's claim to the islets are a prelude to the reinvasion of Korea and other Asian countries.

The DPRK will never tolerate the Japanese reactionaries' desperate efforts to seize the inviolable territory of Korea, valuable treasure of the nation.

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