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Birth Anniversary of Kim Il Sung Marked in Different Countries
Pyongyang, May 1 (KCNA) -- Events were held in different countries in the period between April 5 and 29 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

They included seminars, Korean book and photo exhibitions and film shows in Russia, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Belarus, Germany, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Nigeria, Uganda, Democratic Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Guinea.

On display in the venues of the events were works of Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, photos of their exploits and books and photos introducing the achievements of the Korean people in their building of a thriving socialist nation.

Participants of the film shows watched Korean films including "In hearts of mankind forever".

The chairman of the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia said that all the achievements made in the DPRK were results of great devotion made by Kim Il Sung.

It is a great happiness and honor for us to celebrate the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung with the Korean people, the editor-in-chief of the Cambodian Newspaper Pracheachon noted, calling the President the closest friend of the Cambodian people.

The chairman of the Indian Society for the Study of Works of Kim Jong Il stated that the founding of the Juche idea was a historical event that opened a new era, independent era when the popular masses have become masters of their destinies for the first time in human history.

The director of the Art and Cultural Council of the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria praised huge exploits Kim Il Sung performed for the era and history under the banner of independence.

The curator of the Kinshasa City Cultural Center of Democratic Congo stressed that through the celebrations of the 100th Day of the Sun the Korean people demonstrated their firm will to the world once again to glorify the immortal exploits the peerlessly great men performed for all ages and advance along the path of independence chosen by themselves under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

Messages of greeting to Kim Jong Un were adopted at the events held in Russia, Cambodia, Belarus and Tunisia.

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