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Hwangbong Mine Goes Operational
Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The Hwangbong Mine in South Hamgyong Province went operational with due ceremony on Sunday.

The builders created a series of open-cast mining sites to secure a huge mining capacity and, at the same time, completed the project for laying a power transmission line and wound up the construction of the roads leading to mining sites. There sprang up new dwelling houses and cultural and welfare facilities to build a modern village for miners.

The commissioning of the mine made it possible to contribute to the nation's economic development and the improvement of people's living standard.

Leader Kim Jong Il clearly indicated a specific orientation and ways of developing the mine.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un acquainted himself with the construction of the mine and showed great loving care for the officials, builders and members of a shock brigade who performed labor feats.

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