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Double Standards Intolerable: KCNA Commentary
Pyongyang, April 24 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and other hostile forces are undisguisedly applying double standards as regards the manufacture and launch of satellites and the missile issue.

Questioned by journalists about how does the U.S. think about the West's attitude of refraining from making any criticism of the launch of an inter-continental ballistic missile by a country in South Asia though it pulled up the DPRK over its satellite launch, spokesmen for the U.S. administration and the State Department answered on April 19 that "that country is quite different from the case of the DPRK as it is cooperating well with the international community in the issue of non-proliferation".

They even talked such nonsense that one should repudiate the view that north Korea is just the same as that country and that the countries capable of launching missiles should exercise patience. Some satellite launching states are asserting that country poses no problem as it is a "partner."

What matters here is not the manufacture and launch of satellite and, furthermore, the issue of missile launch itself, but the double standards applied to handling these issues.

Space is not monopoly of someone but belongs to humankind and is something to be commonly used by it.

The International Space Treaty stipulates that the outer space shall be opened so that all states may study and use it without any distinction on an equal basis and it shall not be a monopoly of any individual state for meeting its interests.

This clearly proves that all countries have a legitimate right to develop and use the outer space, pursuant to their own development strategy.

The DPRK's launch of satellite was a great deed to be hailed by all people as it was in line with its Juche-based policy of space development and the International Space Treaty. Therefore, this can by no means be an issue to be criticized by someone.

Nevertheless, the U.S. and other hostile forces described the DPRK's launch of every satellite for peaceful purposes as "a missile launch." Not content with this, they forced the UNSC to adopt a presidential statement, claiming that "north Korea is not allowed to launch even a satellite for peaceful purposes." This is a far-fetched assertion, indeed.

We would like to question whether the U.S. and other satellite launching states have ever got any approval from someone before putting at least tens of thousands of space vehicles into outer space for the past more than five decades.

The launch of inter-continental ballistic missiles by less than ten countries has neither got any approval from the international community nor has ever been criticized by international bodies.

Activities for space development and missile launch by certain countries are overlooked though they are of military nature whereas some countries are accused of developing space though it is for peaceful purposes. This is the height of impudence, partiality and double standards.

The U.S. is undisguisedly spying sovereign states by use of many satellites in the space and some countries launched a lot of satellites and had access to inter-continental ballistic missiles. Those countries have no right to talk about the DPRK's launch of satellite for peaceful purposes.

The principle of equal sovereignty and non-interference in other's internal affairs are strongly asserted by the international community than ever before. It was against this background that the satellite launch for peaceful purposes was described as a launch of inter-continental ballistic missile and brought into question while the open launch of such missile was allowed within a week. This undisguised application of the double standards is intolerable.

It has become clear that the hostile forces persistently term the DPRK satellite launch "a missile threat" and "provocation" as they are extremely displeased with the exalting dignity, growing might and eye-opening development of the DPRK.

Satellite launch is an exercise of an inviolable sovereign right and legitimate right of the DPRK.

The DPRK will, as in the past, never allow the U.S. and other satellite launching states to interfere in its satellite launch for peaceful purposes.

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