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KCNA Slams S. Korean Regime's Provocations
Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The rat-like group of bastards living in ditches in the area along the River Han are persisting in their mischief.

Aged reactionaries affiliated to the "Association of Elders of the Republic of Korea" who are more dead than alive, and gangster students ignorant of the world are going reckless, risking their lives.

They put up effigies allegedly representing the supreme leadership of the DPRK in different places including Kwanghwamun square in Seoul and got off such hysteria as firing at them.

Vicious conservative media including Dong-A Ilbo did not hesitate to deliberately defame the image representing the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

All these provocations were conceived and manipulated by the rat-like Lee Myung Bak group at a ditch of Chongwadae.

The insult to the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK is the worst of the criminal moves to escalate the confrontation with compatriots as they were the unprecedentedly hideous provocations.

This insult lashed the army and people of the DPRK into the greatest fury as they regard the dignity of the supreme leadership as dearer than their own lives.

No matter how mischievious the rat-like group is going, it can never shade the bright sun.

The world is watching with admiration and envy the DPRK where the great sun in the 21st century rose.

The south Korean people also feel proud and honored to see the glorious tradition of the nation given steady continuity with the appearance of the peerless young leader.

The army and the people of the DPRK are united ever closer around the sun, encouraged by mankind's warm congratulations and best wishes.

Taken aback by this tremendous might and the advent of the new stirring era, the above-said bastards are shaking their fists against the sun. They are the top-class criminals who should never be forgiven.

Those who hurt the noblest and most sacred dignity of the supreme leadership of the nation should not expect to go scot-free in this land and sky.

The historic advance toward the new century of the nation is bound to be accompanied by a sacred war to wipe out a tiny handful of rat-like group.

Our retaliation will prove to be the most powerful strikes to take merciless revenge upon the hideous provocateurs, whoever they may be and wherever they are, and blow up everything.

Only then the nation will expect true peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

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