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Mt. Kumgang, DPRK's Tourist Destination
Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- Mt. Kumgang, known as one of the world's sceneries, is situated on the east coast in the central part of Korea.

The mountain boasts of many scenic spots, the Lagoon Samil in particular, fantastic rocks and cliffs, crystal-like water meandering rocks, rainbow-forming waterfalls and varieties of animals and plants.

From April 13, the Harbin-Mt. Kumgang International Tourists Group by chartered plane toured the mountain for three nights and four days.

Sea Kumgang, Kuryong Falls and myriads of peaks were great attractions for the tourists.

Wang Guiyun (68), a woman residing in Harbin City, China, told KCNA that she was fascinated by the scenery of Mt. Kumgang. "Back home, I will tell my impressions to others so that they can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Kumgang," she said.

Noting that he felt refreshed at the scenery of Sea Kumgang, You Juncheng (55), a member of the group, said:

"During our stay, we attended various events held in celebration of President Kim Il Sung's 100th birth anniversary.

I believe that the friendship between China and the DPRK will be everlasting."

In the meantime, the group bought souvenirs at the Kumgangsan Exhibition and Kwangmyong Duty-free Shop, while enjoying the performance given by the Pyongyang Moranbong Circus in the tourist resort.

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