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"Kim Il Sung's Korea", Special Write-ups to Centenary of His Birth (32)
Literature and Arts of DPRK Developed in Songun Era


Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- The literature and arts of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which created renaissance in the 20th century, reached a higher stage of development in the Songun (military-first) era under the guidance of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il clearly indicated the way for building socialist culture, holding high the banner of Songun. He ensured the development of literature and arts by way of Songun revolution, a way of setting a model with reliance on the People's Army and generalizing it in society.

A drive to follow the revolutionary soldier culture had been conducted throughout the country and, in the course, world-startling achievements made in all spheres of literature and arts, including movie, drama and music.

They include production of multipart feature film "The Nation and Destiny" (part on workers), feature film "Notes of a Woman Soldier", light comedy "Echo of Mountain" and drama "We Will Recollect Today".

The grand gymnastic and artistic performance "Arirang", flawless in seed, content and form, was registered in Guinness Book of World Records.

The Unhasu Orchestra, the Samjiyon Band of the Mansudae Art Troupe and other art troupes gave peculiar performances. The art pieces presented by them are orchestral music and chorus "The Snow Is Falling", which opened up a new path in the creation of musical pieces, and serial symphony "Song Dedicated to the Party" displaying the might of Juche-based symphony orchestra.

Also lots of famous paintings as valuable as national treasure were produced, among them Korean painting "The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il standing near Lake Chon on Mt. Paektu" and large-size screen-style Korean painting "216 peaks on Lake Chon of Mt. Paektu".

Cultural palaces, including Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Moranbong Theatre, State Theatre and Taedongmun Cinema House, were renovated or built to provide the people with better conditions for their entertainment.

Acrobatic pieces of the DPRK won top prizes at various international festivals, including the 21st Rome International Acrobatic Festival and the 33rd Monte Carlo International Acrobatic Festival.

Highest or top prizes and diplomas were awarded to porcelains produced by creators of the DPRK's Mansudae Art Studio and to Korean painters at such international expos as the 10th Beijing International Art Expositions and the Jingdezhen International Porcelain Fair in China-2008.

Revolutionary opera "The Flower Girl" and Korean versions of operas "A Dream of Red Mansions" and "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" were successfully performed before full houses in China, deepening the DPRK-China friendship.

The Pyongyang Art Troupe, too, made performance tours of China, Russia, Germany and other countries to win enthusiastic cheers and high acclamation from among foreigners and overseas compatriots.

The feats leader Kim Jong Il performed by displaying the might of the Juche-based literature and arts with his distinguished literary idea and energetic guidance will remain forever along with the history of Kim Il Sung's Korea.

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