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Kim Il Sung's Feats Hailed by Guy Dupre
Pyongyang, April 15 (KCNA) - Guy Dupre, secretary general of the International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea, on April 6 posted on internet website an article titled "Great unity of Korean nation is important guarantee for realizing noble desire of President Kim Il Sung".

To significantly celebrate the centenary of the birth of the President is a great event of not only the Korean people who turned out in the struggle to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of the country and build a thriving nation but also the world progressives struggling for justice, independence and peace, the secretary general said.

The birth anniversary of the President is being grandly celebrated in different parts of the world through colorful events, he said, and went on:

This is a reflection of the unanimous praises of progressive mankind for the undying feats of the President, the distinguished leader of the Korean revolution, the founder of socialist Korea and the staunch defender of the sovereignty and dignity of the Korean people, who devoted his whole life to the independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

Miraculous achievements were made in the DPRK under the wise leadership of the President and General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Korea's reunification is sure to triumph as it is wisely led by supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

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