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Kim Il Sung's Comradeship Boundless
Pyongyang, April 14 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime forged comradely relations with many foreigners.

Among them was Zhang Weihua, an anti-Japanese revolutionary martyr of China. A son of a rich man, he gave sincere assistance to Kim Il Sung in his revolutionary activities. Fascinated by his great personality, he respected the President as a close friend as well as a teacher.

The President had a memorial to martyr Zhang Weihua built in Fusong, China, in 1992.

He also treated former Chilean President Salvador Allende Gossens with comradely love.

At the talks with Allende Gossens visiting the DPRK in the spring of 1969 as incumbent Senate president, Kim Il Sung called him his comrade-in-arms. Deeply moved, Allende evinced his determination to struggle for revolution to the last.

Afterwards, as the Chilean president, Allende enforced the land reform and nationalization of major industries and took hard-line independent measures against the United States, true to the promise he made with Kim Il Sung.

When Kim Il Sung heard of his death, he highly appreciated him for his heroic deed.

There was no frontier in the President's comradeship.

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