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Loving Care Shown to Hospitals in Pyongyang
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- The dear respected Kim Jong Un on Monday sent wild honey and various kinds of foodstuff to hospitals in Pyongyang, including Korea General Red-Cross Hospital, Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and Kim Man Yu Hospital.

Sim Il Chol, director of the Korea General Red-Cross Hospital, told KCNA that Kim Jong Un, identical to President Kim Il Sung and general secretary Kim Jong Il in love for the people, sent wild honey and varieties of foodstuff to in-patients, in order to help them enjoy the April 15 holiday and recover their health.

This is indicative of his noble personality, he said.

Pak Tong Sun, a researcher at the Kangwon Provincial Institute of Forestry Science, who is undergoing treatment at the Urology Hospital, said that Kim Jong Un is as good as father for the Korean people. Such kind of practice can be seen only in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea where the leader and the people form an integral whole.

Kim Phyong Ju, a worker at the Hyesan Direct Sale Store in Ryanggang Province, who underwent a major surgical operation at the hospital, said Kim Jong Un's loving care, more intense than the parental one, has turned to be elixir for her. She reiterated her determination to devotedly work for building a thriving nation after recovering her health.

Pak Ju Myong, vice-director of Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, said Kim Jong Un had already sent a large quantity of wild honey to the in-patients of the maternity hospital on the Day of the Shining Star (February 16).

I am sorely missing Kim Jong Il, who led the work to build this modern maternity hospital for improvement of health of women and newborns and sent latest medical equipment, along with tonics and nutrients, he said, adding:

Indeed, Kim Jong Un is little different to Kim Jong Il, who had intense love for the people.

Kim Sun Ok, a mother of triplets living in Jangchung-dong 2, Songyo District, Pyongyang, said that she has been getting medical treatment at Pyongyang Maternity Hospital for 100 days.

"I am waiting for the day to leave the hospital. But Kim Jong Un's loving care reached me, too. I will bring up my children to be true to him."

Ye Myong Ryong, an in-patient at Kim Man Yu Hospital who is a worker at the Ryongsong, Pyongyang City, District People's Committee, said that he would devotedly work in order to repay Kim Jong Un's loving care.

A section chief of Kim Man Yu Hospital, Kim Uk, said he would work harder to give full play to the advantage of the socialist health care system.

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