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Art Festival to Be Held in Pyongyang
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- The April Spring Friendship Art Festival will take place in Pyongyang to mark President Kim Il Sung's 100th birth anniversary (April 15), the Day of the Sun.

In this regard, KCNA met Tong Kyong Su, an official of the preparatory committee for the festival.

The official said:

The preparatory committee is now operating at the Pyongyang International House of Culture.

The festival, with independence, friendship and peace as its theme, will promote exchanges and cooperation among artistes from across the world.

Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is now open to foreign and overseas Korean artistes, desirous of joining the festival.

The chairman of the preparatory committee will address the inaugural ceremony, to be followed by hoisting of the festival flag.

At the ceremony Korean artistes will give a congratulatory performance, directed by a renowned foreign conductor.

The festival will be divided into group, separate and joint performances. The Pyongyang Grand Theatre, East Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Ponghwa Art Theatre and other modernly-equipped theatres are designated as venues for the festival.

Classical musical numbers will be performed exclusively at the Moranbong Theater, Music Hall of Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun Conservatory and the Yun I Sang Concert Hall.

It is undoubted that the DPRK National Symphony Orchestra will adorn the festival significantly.

The festival will also include circus performances.

On April 15, the festival participants will enjoy the day with Pyongyang citizens in Mangyongdae and other places in the city.

During the festival, they will also appreciate art performances given by the National Symphony Orchestra and Samjiyon Band of the Mansudae Art Troupe of the DPRK, which will give glimpse of the development of Korea's art.

A joint performance will be available at the closing ceremony, followed by a prize-awarding ceremony.

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival made its debut in Pyongyang in April Juche 71 (1982).

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