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NRC Denounces Park Geun Hye for Escalating Confrontation against DPRK
Pyongyang, April 6 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the National Reconciliation Council (NRC) issued a statement on Friday denouncing the confrontation moves of Park Geun Hye.

With the approach of the "National Assembly" election in south Korea, Park Geun Hye of the "Saenuri Party" is more undisguisedly revealing her true colors standing for confrontation against reunification, the statement said.

It went on:

Decrying the DPRK's planned launch of satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 as a long-range missile test, Park let loose a spate of sophism that the launch would be a "challenge to the world peace" and the "international pressure should be put on it." She went the lengths of slandering the dignity of the DPRK, while begging someone to "stop deportation of human scum to the north".

She even tries to defend and put forward human scum in the puppet political arena.

Meanwhile, she has kicked up coloring offensive against the DPRK, asserting that no one can vouch for anything that may happen if those who deny the "north's" involvement in the "Cheonan" warship sinking incident are allowed to be members of the "National Assembly". She even rejected investing the opposition camp with the "power", the camp that has opposed south Korea-U.S. "Free Trade Agreement" and the Jeju naval base construction. She also said that those "left-wing forces siding with the north" should not be allowed to seize power.

The conspiratorial racket of confrontation against the compatriots Park Geun Hye has kicked up in collusion with traitor Lee Myung Bak revealed that "change" and "reform" touted by her were no more than absurd artifice to divert elsewhere the public mindset and opinion and that she is a confrontation maniac little different from traitor Lee Myung Bak.

This proves that Park Geun Hye is a disgusting political prostitute as she used to join hands with the conservative regime and ruling party when the situation turned favorable but coldheartedly turned her back if she found it unfavorable even a bit.

The fact clearly shows that Park Geun Hye is indeed a political swindler and brazen-faced power-seeker who stoops to any infamy to gratify her political ambition.

It is clear that the north-south relations would never be pulled out of deadlock if such venomous element seizes power as she is keen on reviving the departed soul of erstwhile "yusin" dictatorship in south Korea.

The statement called on various circles of south Korea to punish the puppet conservative group of traitors in the election, not being deceived by Park Geun Hye and her group.

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