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Global Trend of Developing Space for Peaceful Purposes
Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- All nations are dynamically pushing forward the work to use outer space for peaceful purposes because this has become a tendency.

The ongoing global development of space is characterized by multi-polarization, full-scale competition.

Several countries launched satellites and other space vehicles for communications, meteorological observation and other peaceful purposes in a recent one year.

In this period, China sent about 20 satellites into space for different purposes.

It set a goal of launching 30 satellites in total this year.

A spokesperson for the Russian Space Industry Complex said on Dec. 8 last year that 24 satellites for different purposes are involved in the Glonas-system orbit group at present.

India launched a communication satellite in last July and 4 satellites in last October while Iran put another domestically-manufactured satellite into orbit in February this year.

Nigeria blasted off 2 earth observation satellites in last August and a communication satellite in last December.

Argentina fired a rocket in last July.

What is noteworthy is that cooperation and assistance are being boosted among states in manufacturing and launching satellites in line with the daily growing trend of internationalization and universalization of the space development.

Pakistan used a Chinese carrier rocket to launch its communication satellite while Russia's carrier rocket sent into space communication satellites of Kazakhstan, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Poland's first satellite used a European carrier rocket to be put into orbit.

Amid the active global competition for developing outer space, many countries have worked out forward-looking space policies and development plans to suit their specific conditions and foundations are setting about conquering space.

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