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KCNA Commentary Decries Collusion between Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- There is a sign of Lee Myung Bak getting aligned with Park Geun Hye within the "Saenuri Party" of south Korea ahead of the "general election".

Park has so far pointed an accusing finger at pro-Lee faction, calling for getting "alienated" from Lee. But now she flatters, saying "she has never ignored pro-Lee faction". Traitor Lee, too, is making a show of himself, praising Park as "one of a few promising politicians" in south Korea.

In the past Lee and Park had been at odds, talking about seceding from the party and forming a new party. These philistines have made a U-turn in their attitudes, sparking public derision.

The public is fed up of sordid political burlesque that comes on the stage whenever election season draws on.

The collusion between Lee and Park is just a dirty politically-and strategically-motivated collusion between criminals forsaken by the society and people.

It is well known that during his tenure of office the Lee group left the whole of the south Korean society to the tender mercy of outsiders through unpopular rule and arbitrary practices, thereby pushing people into destitution and plunging the north-south ties into complete deadlock.

A series of corruption cases is now strangling Lee.

Only stern judgment by history and nation awaits the traitor for his thrice-cursed crimes. This guy who is more dead than alive is suffering from fear and nightmare of getting beaten in a back street.

So, he decided to flatter Park to prolong his dirty remaining days after his retirement from office.

Park's group, renowned for narrowness and caprice, experienced a setback ahead of the "general election" with the wholesale secession of pro-Lee faction members from the "Saenuri Party." Calculating that this would be unfavorable for winning in the "presidential election" due in December, to say nothing of the "general election," Park had no choice but to show a wildcat's smile on her face that always remained frowned with depression and worry.

Conspiracy of criminals is bound to bring forth bigger crime and the people to suffer a lot from it.

This is the reason that broad segments of south Koreans are becoming increasingly vocal in censuring the "Saenuri Party."

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