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S. Korean Authorities′ Story about "Instability of North′s System" Slammed
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group is busy floating the story about "instability of the north's system". The story is nothing but a version of the fiction about the "change of system".

Such rubbish as "period of power transition" and "instability of system" can never work in the DPRK where the army and the people are dynamically advancing, rallied close around the supreme leader, Minju Joson Saturday says in a bylined commentary.

It goes on:

"Instability of system" is being created in south Korea.

Even at this hour people from all walks of life are courageously turning out in the actions against Lee Myung Bak in south Korea. To make matters worse, a factional strife is getting fierce within the group of traitors in the run-up to the "National Assembly" election.

This group, thrown into a predicament at home and abroad, is impudent enough to talk about " instability of system," distorting and slandering the reality of the DPRK demonstrating before the whole world the single-minded unity more powerful than a nuclear bomb. This is no more than a political caricature.

The aim sought by the group in floating the story about "instability of north's system" is to mislead the public opinion in a bid to divert elsewhere the people's criticism of it and tide over the ruling crisis and escalate the confrontation with compatriots.

As long as the group of traitors hell-bent on the confrontation between the two differing systems is allowed to stay in power, the nation can never escape from misfortune. As a rabid dog should be beaten to death with a stick, the group of traitors should be wiped out as it is engrossed in acts going against the people's mindset. This is the will of all the Koreans.

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