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Kim Il Sung Is Always Alive in Hearts of Mankind: Foreign Papers
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- Foreign papers carried special write-ups on the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

The Russian paper Bremya Perementeve on March 21 carried an article titled "Great man in the century" with the portrait of a smiling Kim Il Sung.

He is always alive in the hearts of mankind as a peerlessly great man who founded the Juche idea, it said, and went on:

He liberated Korea from the colonial yoke of Japanese imperialism with the Juche idea as the guidelines.

The Juche idea has attracted progressives for its originality, truth and scientific accuracy and there appeared in the world many Juche idea study organizations.

He extensively authored works all his life, giving the principled exposition to the major international issues. He met with a total of over 70 000 foreigners during his life.

The Bangladeshi paper Citizen on March 26 edited articles titled "A great man in the century", "President Kim Il Sung, founder of socialist Korea, was the people's leader", "Statesman who pursued the policy of loving care for man" and "Might of Korea".

He devoted his all to the people's happiness all his life, the paper said.

The Cambodian paper Kmae Amata on March 26 in an article said that he enjoyed undisputed authority in the world political community and received boundless reverence from progressive mankind.

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