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North Korea Launches Satellite of Love
Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) -- The Hong Kong paper of China Asia Times on March 22 in an article titled "The north Korea launches satellite of love" said:

The satellite launch is peaceful in every respect, and indisputably nothing to do with a missile test. It is a legitimate exercise by the DPRK of its inalienable sovereign right to peaceful exploration of outer use, universally shared by every member of the world community, including the U.S., China, Russia, Japan and France. No country, be it the US, Japan, south Korea, or any other Western nation, has any right to take issue with the satellite launch.

The Korean Committee for Space Technology invited a bevy of experienced foreign experts on space science and technology and journalists to observe the satellite liftoff at the country's ultra-modern satellite launch center.

The reason is to provide the promised maximum transparency for the launch. Obviously, there is nothing to conceal about the peaceful satellite launch.

The reaction of the U.S., Japan and south Korea to the planned satellite launch could be called a Pavlov's dog-like conditioned response, or at best as that of a deer in the headlights.

The first thing Americans should do in response to the announced satellite liftoff is to think twice and readily extend gentleman-like warm congratulations to the North Koreans, as well as state their readiness to launch a satellite for a rendezvous flight in outer space.

Any U.S. threat to invalidate the nuclear deal would only serve to make the Barack Obama administration look like a cranky dodo. It will also prompt the DPRK government to retract its promise to place a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, suspend uranium enrichment, and give international inspectors access to the uranium enrichment plant.

The hostile response from the U.S., Japan and south Korea to the launch comes across to the North Koreans as a vicious bid to spoil their most important and sacred festival of the proud Korean nation and to weaken their monolithic cohesion and unity around the new administration of Kim Jong Un, supreme leader.

Successful launch of Kwangmyongsong-3 will proudly herald and highlight North Korea as a new Asian economic tiger and a new member of the elite club of economic powers.

This event and the expected completion of a small light-water reactor can be defined as nothing short of a miracle, given the more than half-century of naked animosity with the U.S. and the latter's criminalizing sanctions, which all have turned out to be counter-productive.

North Korea is a long-time member of the two other elite clubs of space and nuclear powers, and both the satellite and the heavy-lift carrier rocket were indigenously designed and assembled with engines and components built by domestically built complex multi-spindle machine tools.

North Korea is one of a few industrial countries that can domestically produce supercomputers and equipment in various fields including national defence industry, electronics industry and atomic energy.

A few more successful satellite liftoffs will enable the North Koreans to use its powerful Unha carrier rockets to launch low-cost satellite launch services available to any interested client in the developing and the Western world.

North Korea will be ready to export low-cost small and portable light-water reactors, too, complete with a LEU plant to any interested country.

Kwangmyongsong-3 will serve as a beacon announcing to the south Korean people and the rest of the world that Kim Jong Un has seized the initiative in paving the honorable exit for the U.S. forces from the Korean Peninsula and come within striking distance of having North and South Korea reunited under a bi-system formula in a peaceful fashion.

 There will be little doubt left in the eyes of the south Korean people that Kim Jong Un has what it takes be another super Kim Il Sung, as the world's youngest national leader is about to complete a challenge of Sisyphean proportions in a creditable way, taming for once and for all the American military presence.

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