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National Seminar on Kim Jong Il's work Held
Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) -- A national seminar took place at the People's Palace of Culture Thursday to mark 30th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's work "On the Juche Idea".

Present there were Kim Ki Nam, secretary of the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yong Jin, vice-premier of the Cabinet, officials of ministries, national institutions and social organizations, officials of party and power bodies in Pyongyang and those in the fields of science, education, literature and arts, public health, media, party-cadre training organs and preservation of revolutionary historic relics.

The participants paid silent tribute to Kim Jong Il.

The participants heard five papers explaining and proving scientific accuracy, validity and landmark significance of the work in which Kim Jong Il's brilliant wisdom and unique writing skill are fully reflected.

The publication of the work marked an event of world historic significance as it provided an ideological guarantee for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche and showed the progressives the road of building an independent world under the banner of the Juche idea, they said, and went on:

The Juche idea declared man is the master of the world and plays a decisive role in its development on the basis of philosophical clarification that man is a social being with independence, creativeness and consciousness, fundamentally changing the long-standing conception on a human being.

Thanks to the Juche idea which put the dignity and value of human beings onto the highest level there appeared on this land people-centered socialism under which people became masters of everything and everything serves them.

It is a sacred revolutionary duty before them to work hard for the victory in building a thriving nation under the uplifted banner of the Juche idea, the speakers noted, calling for holding the dear respected Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the center of unity and leadership and push forward the revolution and construction in line with his idea and intention.

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