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Many Literary Works in Praise of Kim Jong Il Created
Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- At least 73 000 literary works have been created in the DPRK to praise General Secretary Kim Jong Il for the undying feats performed on behalf of the era and the revolution.

The works reflecting boundless reverence and absolute trust of the service personnel and the people of the DPRK in him have been produced since the 1970s.

Typical of them are paean "We Will Be Loyal Down through Generations", "Song of Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il" and "May Kim Jong Il's Era Shine for All Ages," representing the immense honor and joy to see him start his work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The first collection of dozens of poems "Hymn in February" including "The General Was Born in Mt. Paektu" and the 9-volume collection of poems "Looking Up to Sunrays of Guidance" were created in this period.

The collection of short novels "Giant Footsteps" portraying him was published in 1982 for the first time to be followed by the publication of "Sun of Guidance", "Happiness of Korea", "The Era of Glory" and others in the subsequent period.

Over the last more than two decades since the publication of the first full-length novel "Wisdom", part of cycle of novels "Immortal Guidance", full-length novels depicting his great personality and noble virtues on a high level of Juche-based humanics were created year after year.

Many revolutionary stories including "Revelation of the Sun", "Hunter's Cap" and "Greatest-ever Commander" were created during the Arduous March, the forced march.

Immortal revolutionary paean "Song of General Kim Jong Il" was created in February 1997 to be followed by the production of many paeans in the era of Songun including songs "Cantata to Comrade Kim Jong Il" and "Our General Is the Best".

Paeans praying for the immortality of the leader reverberated far and wide on this land during mourning period.

The 100-day mourning period witnessed the creation of at least 3,560 works mourning the passing of the leader including collection of works "The Sun of Songun Is Immortal" and collection of memorial narrations "Mountains and Rivers Wail" by writers, service personnel, working people and school youth and children across the country. These works reflect their ardent longing for and infinite loyalty to him.

This period also saw the creation of at least 2 660 poems and songs. They include poem "People of General Kim Jong Il, Rise Up", memorial poem "To the Bier of the Great Comrade Kim Jong Il" and words of song "The General Is Always Alive as the Sun".

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