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People Miss Kim Jong Il Always in Jacket
Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- On the 100th day since the demise of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, servicepersons and civilians of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are paying tribute to him before his large portraits displayed in all parts of the country.

Looking up to portraits of smiling Kim Jong Il, they are greatly touched by the image of the leader clad in jacket.

The jacket was as good as a uniform for the leader, who devoted his all to the country's development and people's wellbeing, true to the lifetime desire of President Kim Il Sung.

Clad in this jacket, he inspected military units, factories and farms even in snowy or sunny days.

He was also wearing this simple jacket when he passed away in a train on his way for field guidance.

The image of smiling Kim Jong Il, dressed in jacket all his life, will be unforgettable forever for the Korean people.

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