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Kim Jong Il, Father of Great Family
Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il was not only a peerlessly great man and hero but tender-hearted father of the great family embracing all the people of the DPRK.

The Korean people like to call him their father, although he has a lot of designations given by them in recognition of his feats for the country and the nation.

Everywhere he visited in his lifetime, there are many legend-like stories showing his fatherly love for the people.

Whenever inspecting military units, he toured their every nook and corner to take warm care of servicepersons' living. He was so meticulous as to send cosmetic cream to women soldiers to keep their skin from being chapped by cold wind.

At a naval port, he instructed its commanding officers to place the beds of barracks in a proper direction, afraid that soldiers might get exposed to cold wind from windows.

When visiting a farmer's house in a newly-built village, he consulted the housekeeping with family members, saying that it was desirable to cultivate vegetables and plant fruit trees around the house and sow kidney bean under its fence.

At a footwear factory, he weighed in his hand shoes to be used by people and, at the delicacy restaurant under Okryu Restaurant, hefted frying-pans used by cooks several times, saying it was somewhat heavy for cooks to hold them for a while.

Thanks to such paternal love of Kim Jong Il, the people of the DPRK could lead a happy and worthwhile life.

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