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Overseas Koreans Visit Mangyongdae
Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) -- Overseas Koreans including the members of the mourners' delegations of the General Association of Koreans in China and the Central Association of Korean Nationals in Russia toured Mangyongdae, birthplace of President Kim Il Sung, on Saturday. They are visiting the homeland to attend the memorial service on the 100th day since the demise of General Secretary Kim Jong Il

They first visited the graves of Kim Po Hyon, the President's grandfather, Ri Po Ik, his grandmother, Kim Hyong Jik and Kang Pan Sok, his parents, and paid a moment's silence.

They then toured the historical mementoes preserved at the President's birthplace, being briefed on the old home.

Chairperson Choe Un Bok, head of the mourners' delegation of the General Association of Koreans in China, said Kim Il Sung born into a patriotic family was a great leader who embarked on the revolutionary road at his early age and liberated the country.

Vice-chairperson Ri Chae Son, head of mourners' delegation of the Central Association of Korean Nationals in Russia, said the President's undying exploits would shine for all ages.

They also visited the Tower of the Juche Idea and the Three Charters for National Reunification Memorial Tower on the same day.

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