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"Yusin" Dictator Park Chung-hee's Crimes Exposed
Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute Friday issued an investigative report on Park Chung-hee's "Yusin" dictatorship as the conservative group in south Korea has become undisguised in its moves to revive the "Yusin" dictatorship.

The report said:

Park Chung-hee was a top-class pro-Japanese traitor who was raised as a die-hard "Japanese subject" since he went to the elementary school and teacher training school during the period of the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule over Korea.

Entering the Manchuria Military Academy, he presented to the Japanese imperialists a blood-written pledge and letter which read "Park Chung-hee will be loyal with death" and "I pledge to render devoted service to Japan as its citizen and remain loyal as a dog and a horse", astonishing even Japanese. At the time of graduation, he received the title "The best solider of the Japanese Empire" together with Japanese name Mashao Takaki and a gold watch from the puppet Manchukuo emperor.

After his admission to the Japanese Military Academy, he changed his name into Minoru Okamodo. After graduation, he served a Japanese Kwangtung army and the puppet Manchukuo army during which he took part in more than 110 punitive operations and killed a number of patriots who fought for independence.

Park Chung-hee staged the May 16 military coup. Resolved to become the second Ri Wan Yong, he signed the south Korea-Japan "agreement" which nullified the reparation for the Japanese imperialists' 41-year colonial rule in return for the 300 million U.S. dollars worth "aid" and the 200 million U.S. dollars worth "loan" (financial loan).

Park Chung-hee was also a top-class pro-U.S. element.

When the U.S. imperialists ignited the Korean War in June 1950, he brutally killed patriotic people in the front and the rear, while working at the Intelligence Department of the puppet Army headquarters.

During his office as president, he went to his U.S. masters Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and all others upon their inauguration and behaved in a shameful manner. He offered south Korea to the U.S. as its colony just as he promised to his master.

Park Chung-hee was a matchless fascist dictator.

Since he seized power through the May 16 military coup, he enforced harsh "military rule" for two years and seven months.

In 1963 he changed his military uniform into civilian clothes and put on the presidential helmet, saying that the "military rule is replaced by civilian rule".

The traitor revised the constitution to make the "presidential responsibility system", taking all powers in his hands. He staffed Chongwadae, the administration and the ruling party with military gangsters. He also posted military hooligans to offices in the central intelligence service, police, overseas diplomatic missions as well as government-run enterprises, sub-county heads and village headmen, in a bid to consolidate the military dictatorship system.

Park Chung-hee's dictatorial system culminated in the "Yusin" system fabricated in October 1972.

He took such government official posts as "president", chairman of the "Council of State", chairman of the "security council" and chairman of the "people's council for unification" and seized unlimited rights to control all power means.

He even set up the "lifelong presidential system".

The crackdown on the people had gone beyond imagination under "Yusin" dictatorship.

He covered the whole of south Korea with tight surveillance networks with the involvement of 700 000-strong puppet army, more than 15 000 agents of the "Central Intelligence Service", over 370 000 political special agents, more than 50 000-strong police, over 320 000 police information agents and 3 million-strong homeland defence reserve forces.

Put into force at a moment's notice were emergency martial law, garrison order, state of emergency and emergency step and common occurrence were political vacation, political temporary cessation of study, month of counter-espionage, campaign of finding out seditious persons and campaign for eradicating betrayers to "Yusin" unprecedented in history.

All harsh methods were used in the secret torture rooms of the Central Intelligence Service including water-boarding, ordeal by fire, electric shock torture, narcotics torture, snake torture, glow lamp torture, aeroplane torture, Chinggis Khan cooking torture and bamboo needle torture.

Park Chung-hee was a heinous confrontation-minded maniac who stood against the country's reunification.

During his office, he tried to make the division of the country permanent while fanning up the north-south confrontation.

He worked hard to put the policy of "two Koreas" into practice and made desperate efforts to make preparations for a war against the north and provoke it, backed by the U.S. imperialists.

Owing to the traitor's anti-communist acts, the north-south relations were deteriorated, the country remained divided and the south Korean people's hope for reunification was dashed.

Park was the chieftain of chronically reeling economy being dependent on other countries.

He made sure that it was provided for by law and policy to cut down taxes levied on foreign capitalists and let the "government" make up for their loss and to provide them the patent right, as well as to ensure the authorities' suppression of those hired by foreign enterprises if they form trade unions or cause labor troubles.

Due to the traitor's indiscriminate introduction of foreign capital, the foreign debt of the south Korean economy totaled 25 billion U.S. dollars in late 1979, 227 times increase from 1960. This accounted for 14.3 percent of the debts of the developing countries at that time.

The traitor turned the south Korean economy into the big business economy ruled by a tiny handful of big businesses and plagued by all sorts of corruption and irregularities.

The wide gap between the rich and the poor of the south Korean society is due to the traitor's unpopular policy.

The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors, echoing the Park Chung-hee-style economic development, pushed the south Korean economy into bankruptcy while talking about "economic recovery". This speaks volumes for the unjust jackboot dictatorship of Park.

Shuddering, indeed, are the crimes committed by Park during the 18-year period of rule.

It is intolerable disgrace on the nation that thrice-cursed traitor Park is being eulogized, the report said, warning that the remnants of "Yusin" seeking to call back the departed spirit of dictatorship are bound to meet ruin, sternly judged by history and the nation.

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