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Countries Should Follow Songun Politics: Nepalese Newspaper
Pyongyang, March 22 (KCNA) -- The March 13th issue of Majodur, organ of the Nepal Worker-Peasant Party, carried an article titled "Songun Politics".

The article noted that under the Japanese imperialist colonial rule over Korea, President Kim Il Sung founded the original Songun idea with two pistols his father left to him.

Leader Kim Jong Il developed in depth the Songun idea founded by the President, the article said, and continued:

It was thanks to the Songun politics pursued by Kim Jong Il that the Korean People's Army has developed into the army devotedly serving the party, leader, country and people, and the invincible revolutionary army faithful to the idea and leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The situation of some countries proved that it would be impossible to defend the destiny of the country and people, let alone guarantee independence, if the army is weak.

The Songun politics is a political mode to be followed by all countries and nations aspiring after independence.

Following the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il are a number of countries in the world which agreed with its vitality.

Songun also guarantees the economic development of the countries.

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