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415th Triplets Born in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) -- The 415th triplets were born in the DPRK on March 19. They are two baby girls and one baby boy.

Their mother Kim Sun Ok residing in neighborhood unit 23 of Jangchung 2-dong in Sonkyo District is a worker of the Pyongyang Shoe Wholesale Store and their father Kim Kyong Nam is a worker at the Pyongyang Soju Factory.

Since Kim Sun Ok was admitted to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital on Dec. 13 she received the best privileges and rest cure for nearly 100 days thanks to the benevolence of the party and the state and the care of medical workers.

For her easy delivery operation and curing teams were made up of competent doctors, dozens of consultative meetings were held and curative measures were taken.

Flowing into her body were honey tonics including the royal jelly honey and the barrenwort honey and various kinds of nutrients.

The triplets in incubators are now in good condition.

In July 1947 the first triplets were born in the DPRK. At that time President Kim Il Sung said that it was a very auspicious event, adding that the country should be responsible for the coming triplets and their mothers and take special care of them.

Since the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital was built under the guidance of leader Kim Jong Il, it has established a system of hospitalizing for several months the women pregnant with triplets for easy deliveries and raising the babies until they reach 4 kg in weight.

Whenever triplets were born, Kim Jong Il was the first to bless their happy future. He heaped them with all kinds of gifts including clothes, blankets, milk, honey, nutritious food and even wedding cloths.

He even let silver knives and gold rings be given to them with the dates of their birth carved on them. Thanks to Kim Jong Il's largesse, triplets and quadruplets who were born after the liberation of Korea and their parents received those gifts.

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