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Mansudae Area Throbbed with Hatred for S. Korean Regime
Pyongyang, March 17 (KCNA) -- Korean people's rages at the insult of the Lee Myung Bak regime to the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership have been running high at the housing construction site in the Mansudae area in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Far from making an apology for the insult, the Lee group declared it would not take down the defamatory materials, calling for even "retaliation" and "punishment".

Banners bearing such slogans as "Tear Lee Myung Bak to pieces in the name of the nation", "Kill Lee Myung Bak group of traitors", "Let us beat traitor Lee Myung Bak and military warmongers to death" are seen at every part of the housing construction site.

"Leader, Just Give Us Your Order", "Arms of Mt. Paektu Will Answer", "We Will Defend the Leadership of the Revolution at the Cost of Our Lives" and other songs are aired from loudspeaker cars in the site.

O Hwak Sil (60) said:

"All my family members have come here every evening to help builders in the housing construction. I like to settle accounts with the Kae (dog) Myung Bak group at an earlier date. I really hate the group."

Kim Kwang Ryol, an official from the Ministry of Construction and Building-Materials Industry, said:

"I am so astonished to hear that Lee Myung Bak is still hurting the DPRK. I will work harder with a mind to make revenge upon Lee."

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