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KCNA Commentary Refutes Sheer Misinformation Spread by Lee Group
Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- "Voice of People", an anti-DPRK radio of psychological warfare in south Korea, aired another despicable false story.

It floated the rumor that the DPRK is conducting a jamming operation to ban the illegal use of cell phones by inhabitants in the northern border area and asked the Jilin Provincial government of China for "funds" when the latter requested its stop.

It is an absolutely unpardonable action as it is part of the psychological warfare to impair the authority of the DPRK and sow seeds of discord between the DPRK and China.

In order to make the story sound plausible, the south Korean group of traitors cited cell phone jamming in Jilin Province to serve its sinister purpose.

However, it is too mean and clumsy trick to create discord, antipathy and misunderstanding between the peoples of the DPRK and China through such plots and hypocrisy.

It is a circumstantial evidence that the Lee group works hard to tarnish the international image of the DPRK and do harm to the DPRK-China friendship at any cost.

Lurking behind this smear campaign is a despicable plot to shift the blame for its sabotage operation through a mobile communication network onto the DPRK.

It is not a secret that the puppet Intelligence Service and other plot-breeding machines in south Korea have jammed air waves through a mobile communication network in a third country and persistently conducted a psychological warfare. The group's trumpeting about communication jamming by the DPRK is just like the guilty party filing the suit first.

Explicitly speaking, there has been no abnormal practice of doing harm to the development of the relations between the DPRK and China in the border area and such thing can never happen.

An ulterior aim sought by the puppet group in releasing ceaseless misinformation peppered with lies and deception through its reptile media is to internationalize distrust and hostility toward the DPRK and implement its scenario to stifle it.

Tight-cornered internally and externally, the Lee group cooked up even the above-said story, pulling up not only the DPRK but also neighboring countries like a drowning man trying to catch at a straw. But such sleight of hand will bring it nowhere.

It is ridiculous, indeed, for the above-said radio to try to sow the seeds of discord between the two countries.

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