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Spring Drive for Land Management Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- A spring drive for land management is progressing apace in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

In this regard, KCNA interviewed Vice Department Director Jon Chol Su and Chief Staff Hong Jong Bom of the Ministry of Land and Environmental Conservation.

Reporter: What kinds of projects will be carried out during this spring all-out drive for land management?

Jon: Spring is a suitable time for tree-planting.

A tree-planting drive is going on across the country while tree nurseries work hard to increase saplings.

The projects also include works to further improve regional forest conservation system for disinsection and prevention of fire and grasp the actual conditions on a regular basis and an undertaking for intensive road mending and careful management to remarkably give a face-lifting to all roads of the country.

Different provinces, cities and counties have already drawn up their workable plans to repair on a normal basis and take good care of main roads, including expressways and tourist motorways in their areas, conducting the organizational work for carrying them into practice.

Efforts are directed to setting up or repairing mileposts on roads, mending railways and sprucing up their surroundings.

Also a dynamic campaign is going on across the country to reinforce the embankment and dredge river-beds near roads and railways.

Reporter: Well, it is also important to spruce up cities and villages, I think.

Hong: That's right.

Main construction projects, including the construction in the Mansudae area, are being stepped up on a high level while various provinces are renewing the appearances of their cities in keeping with their local features.

Provinces, cities and counties are tightening control over the local industrial establishments to install and use environmental protection facilities according to the rules.

They have also worked to upgrade the sewage purifying stations and run them on a normal basis.

Besides there are projects to build or repair fish ponds and mend ruined ancestral walls.

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