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Kim Jong Un Inspects Defence Unit on Cho Islet
Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Workers' Party of Korea and the people of the DPRK, inspected the unit on Cho Islet defending a forward post on the west coast.

He gave a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle to the unit as gifts and had a picture taken with its service personnel.

Watching the families of service personnel shouting "hurrah!" with excitement outside the barracks, he called them to his side.

He showed loving care and had a photo session with the families of service personnel, their eyes wet with tears of joy at having such a dream-like fortune.

He went round the room for the education in the revolutionary history and the room devoted to history.

Watching with keen attention the precious historical materials which bear witness to the leadership feats of leader Kim Jong Il, he looked back with deep emotion on the proud course covered by the defence unit on Cho Islet which has turned into an invulnerable fortress thanks to the devoted efforts of Kim Jong Il.

Saying that Cho Islet is a gate to the West Sea and Pyongyang is behind the islet, he instructed the service personnel of the defence unit to consolidate the combat positions as firm as a rock, always bearing deep in mind the instructions given by Kim Jong Il.

He walked the road on a steep hill and mounted a forward command post on top of a mountain.

After hearing a report on the situation from the commander of the defence unit, he feasted his eyes on the vast defence theatre of which the defence unit is in charge to acquaint himself with the terrain and the deployment of forces.

He asked in detail about forces and equipment of the enemy that may intrude into the operational theatre of which the defence unit is in charge, operational tactics, assignment of combat duties and the density of firing to beat back the enemy in the forward defence theatre. He examined an operational map with keen attention and lucidly clarified the issues arising in making preparations for battles.

He instructed the service personnel to step up combat preparations, always aware that their positions allow no retreat and there is no place to retreat even an inch there, and thus mercilessly wipe out the aggressors should they come in attack.

He had a photo session with the service personnel of a company under the unit before the monument to the field guidance of Kim Jong Il standing at the forward command post.

He made the rounds of the service personnel's hall, library and mess hall to take deep care of the living of service personnel of the islet posts.

The service personnel of the defence unit are true patriots who have devoted their all to the security of the country and the people only though they live on the unfavorable remote islet, he said, stressing the need for the commanding officers to look after their living at all times with warm care as their real fathers would do.

At the end of the inspection, he told the commanding officers that he left Cho Islet to them and wished them greater achievements in rounding off the combat preparations in good health.

He was accompanied by KPA Vice Marshal Ri Yong Ho, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, KPA Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun, minister of the People's Armed Forces, KPA Generals Kim Won Hong, Pak Jae Gyong and Kim Yong Chol, KPA Col. Generals Jo Kyong Chol and Yun Tong Hyon, Jang Song Thaek, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the C.C., the WPK and vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission, Pak To Chun, alternate member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the C.C., the WPK, Ri Jae Il, first vice department director of the C.C., the WPK, and Hwang Pyong So, vice department director of the C.C., the WPK.

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