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National Meeting on International Women's Day Held
Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- A national meeting was held at the People's Palace of Culture on Thursday to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the International Women's Day.

Present there were Yang Hyong Sop, vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, Choe Ryong Hae, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Rak Hui, vice-premier of the Cabinet, senior officials of working people's organizations and women officials and labor innovators.

Present there on invitation were overseas Korean women staying in the socialist homeland, women of embassies of different countries and missions of international organizations in the DPRK and foreign guests.

The participants observed a moment's silence in memory of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Ro Song Sil, chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea, made a report.

She recalled that the women's movement in Juche Korea has covered a road of proud victories and glory under the wise leadership and warm care of the great persons of Mt. Paektu.

She said:

President Kim Il Sung gave origin to the Korean women's movement of Juche and provided shining traditions in the crucible of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle in his early years.

Under the energetic leadership of Kim Il Sung, Kang Pan Sok, an indomitable revolutionary fighter, formed the Anti-Japanese Women's Association, thus providing roots for the building of a genuine women's revolutionary organization.

After the country's liberation the President formed the Democratic Women's Union of Korea embracing broad masses of women and worked out and promulgated the law on gender equality, the first of its kind in history, offering an occasion of a radical turn in carving out the women's destiny.

Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, upheld the original idea and policy of Kim Il Sung and performed distinguished feats in the development of the movement for the women's emancipation in Korea.

Brilliantly recorded in the history of the Korean women's movement shining with victories and glory are the undying revolutionary exploits of Kim Jong Il who wisely led the Korean women's movement under the banner of Songun.

He authored works including "Women Are a Dynamic Force Pushing Ahead with the Revolution and Construction" and "Let Us Add Shine to the Glorious Tradition of the Women's Movement of Juche Korea in the Great Drive for Building of a Great Prosperous and Powerful Nation," thus providing an immortal programme for the Korean women's movement.

The reporter said that the idea of the Juche-oriented women's movement is being steadfastly carried forward by the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

She called upon all the women to hold Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem forever and add eternal shine to the glorious revolutionary careers and undying feats of the peerlessly great persons.

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