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Painting Ridiculing Lee Myung Bak Displayed in Heart of Seoul
Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) -- A painting disclosing the crimes committed by traitor Lee Myung Bak was recently pasted at a bus stop in Jongro crossroads, Seoul, sparking off sensation, according to Hankuk Ilbo of south Korea.

The painting depicted Lee Myung Bak in a Nazi military uniform and cap on his head, his fist clenched.

A shovel drawn on his tie means he is digging earth and "G" written on the band of his left arm derides him as a rat.

The painting showed Lee's mouth full of dirty foam. It may be foam Lee used to show whenever he made unspeakable reckless remarks against the nation and reunification. Or may it be saliva reminiscent of his avarice as he used to spit, when seeing money like a hungry animal before a pray. Or it may be saliva betraying his despair as he is on the deathbed.

It was said the painting was seen displayed in other places all day long.

Watching the painting, many people spat at it in token of their resentment.

A lot of articles ridiculing Lee Myung Bak have been posted on Internet, becoming topic of discussion. Among them are "This recalls late in Ri Dynasty when people had something to complain to the king, they used to paste wall papers at night by stealth", "Think more of why such painting was displayed rather than frantically searching for the man who did so", "I am covetous of the painting. If I steal that masterpiece, will I be arrested for theft?" and "A drawing of a rat was worth 1 700 U.S. dollars. How much this painting will cost?"

As for the said drawing of a rat, a professor of a south Korean university drew it deriding Lee in literature introducing an international meeting held in Seoul in 2010. At that time the puppet court imposed upon him a fine of 1,700 U.S. dollars.

A book describing Lee Myung Bak as a "vexing rat" is popular in south Korea these days.

It was said that there took place a meeting at which its participants had an event of drawing paintings satirizing Lee and most of them drew rats. Its participants had a "game of catching rat Myung Bak," shouting "Let's catch Myung Bak who squeaks, squeaks, squeaks."

An "anti-rat expedition" was organized among south Koreans, "prayer for cursed rat" is becoming popular and shouts of slogans "Send the rat to gutter" and "catch the rat in Chongwadae" are heard in south Korea. This vividly manifests the towering grudge and hatred against traitor Lee.

The above-said developments in Seoul at a time when citizens out in protest against the FTA are burning Lee's photos and holding his funeral ceremony clearly indicate what phase the wrath of the south Korean people against Lee has reached.

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