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Participants in Int'l Railways Meeting Much Impressed to Watch Grand Art Performance
Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- Members of foreign delegations who participated in the international railways meeting of Asian countries of the Organization of Railways Cooperation were deeply impressed to watch a grand performance "We Will Be Loyal Down through Generations" commemorating General Secretary Kim Jong Il's birth anniversary (the Day of Shining Star). The meeting was held to agree upon foreign trade freight transport volume for 2012

The head of the Chinese delegation said:

The performance impressed me very much. It was of high ideological and artistic value and its numbers were unique and peculiar.

The performance impressively showed the determination of the Korean people to dynamically advance, rallied close around the dear respected Kim Jong Un, true to the behests of Kim Jong Il.

A member of the Vietnamese delegation said he was deeply impressed to watch the performance, adding: While watching it, I keenly felt how deeply the Korean people revere their leader. The performers made a successful ideological and artistic representation of their faith and will to hold their leader in high esteem forever. Such performance can be watched in the DPRK only.

A member of the Kazakh delegation had this to say:

I have never watched such large-scale performance before.

Each number reflects the feelings of the Korean people missing Kim Jong Il very much. I feel I have seen true arts today.

Mikhail Ivanov, a member of the Russian delegation, said: Everything was perfect. The performance represented the true feelings of the Korean people. I was deeply moved to see the audience sobbing, looking up to the image of Kim Jong Il.

Andrei Chirkov, a member of the Russian delegation, stressed:

I was admired by the boundless reverence of the Korean people for their leader. I believe the Korean revolution is sure to triumph under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un as it was pioneered by President Kim Il Sung and led by Kim Jong Il.

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