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DPRK People Determined to Destroy S. Korean Regime
Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- The military warmongers of south Korea again slandered and defamed the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.

A south Korean army unit hung portraits of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu on walls and doors, scrawling unspeakable defamatory words below them.

Such high treasons have been committed at the instigation of traitor Lee Myung Bak and the military warmongers including Kim Kwan Jin and Jong Sung Jo.

The servicepersons and civilians of the DPRK have condemned them as hideous provocations, urging a sacred war to take revenge upon the enemy.

Jang Mun Song, an officer of the Korean People's Army, told KCNA:

"We, servicepersons, will make a clean sweep of the puppet group of traitors to the last man.

Those who hurt the dignity of our supreme leadership will find no breathing spell. Not only those provocateurs but all their descendents will be a target of our strike.

The world will clearly see what a miserable end those wicked provocateurs will meet."

Han Jin Guk, an employee of the Pyongyang 326 Electric Wire Factory, said:

"We value the dignity of our supreme leadership more than our own lives. Anyone who dares insult and hurt it even a bit will be mercilessly punished.

All members of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards at the factory, together with the servicepersons, are anxiously waiting for an order to launch a sacred war for advancing southward to sweep out the thrice-cursed traitors from this land."

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