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Noodle Served in Flat Vessel, Originated in Pyongyang
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- Noodle served in a flat vessel is a traditional Korean dish, which was originated in Pyongyang.

A staff of the Korean Association of Cooks, Jo Ui Yong, told KCNA about the dish:

The dish mainly includes boiled beef and buckwheat noodle.

On the first hand, sliced beef is seasoned in a proper way.

The seasoned meat is put on a brass flat vessel, along with boiled eggs, peeled pears and sliced cucumber, decorated with thread-like egg, onion and red pepper.

Then, it is taken with coils of buckwheat noodle mixed with beef soup, pickled vegetable and seasoning, which are served respectively on each bowl.

It is said that the dish reflects the open-hearted character of Pyongyang natives.

The dish, believed to be one of cuisines peculiar to Phyongan Province, is popular among not only Koreans but foreigners.

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